Debt and Depression

Debt and depression can go hand in hand, being in debt can cause some severe depression and anxiety, a lot of people don’t even think about it until it happens to them. But you’ve heard the stories on the news, although they are rare, some people feel so constrained by debt that they end up committing suicide.

Suicide over debt should never be the answer. While it may seem hopeless at times, there is always help available. Most people feel helpless in this situation or they are too ashamed to ask for help, but before you let stress and anxiety over debt take over life to a point where you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, ask for help.

It’s more than likely that there are people around you who have been in your shoes and can offer you assistance. If you are drowning in credit card debt there are programs out there designed to help you, sometimes all it takes is learning how to better manage your money.

So if you answer yes to any of the following questions take a look at some of the help options available to you:

1. Are you in over your head every month, your debt growing rapidly?
2. Do you owe money on so many bills that you are getting calls from collection agencies?
3. Are you hiding the truth from family members because you are too embarrassed to face the fact that you are in over your head?
4. Do you feel anxiety/stress or depression because of your financial issues?

Yes to any of the above questions means you need help. Money is only a temporary thing in this world, true it is needed to survive, but survival is relative and sometimes learning how to live within your means is the simplest solution.

If you feel anxiety or depression due to your debt you can do many things to solve your problem:

1. Ask for help
2. Seek professional help from debt agencies
3. Learn how to manage your money better
4. Try Panic Away to calm your mind and help you cope better so you can do the above three options

Debt and depression can be a very dark period in your life, but it doesn’t have to be your last period, you can make it out of this burden of epic proportions. It is actually okay to have some debt, don’t be afraid of it, don’t let it run your life. Find a balance, learn how. Ask for help.

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