Homeopathic Remedies for Stress

While you may need treatment from a trained professional, depending on the severity of your case, homeopathic remedies for stress such as the following that are listed below may be an appropriate remedy for you.

Aconite for example is a medication that can treat anxiety if you’ve had a sudden fright or shock. If you are suffering from grief, from a loss, Ignatia is an option for you. Stage fright and other anticipatory and performance anxiety, gelsemium is highly recommended.

Stress can come in many forms, and it can be debilitating. But you don’t have to live with it. Research the kind of stress you suffer, the cause and find a homeopathic cure that will work for you.

You’ll want to start with 6x potency and take two tablets every two to four hours depending on your severity and acuteness of the illness. (It is recommended you see a professional homeopath to make sure your choice and dosages are correct.) When you begin to notice an improvement, increase the intervals between dosages, when it seems improvement is happening discontinue the treatment. If you use a remedy for too long you can cause the symptoms to recur.

Homeopathic Remedies for Stress and Anxiety:
– Aconite
– Argentum nitricum
– Arsenicum album
– Calcarea carbonica
– Gelsemium
– Ignatia amara
– Kali phosphoricum
– Lycopodium
– Natrum muriaticum
– Phosphorus
– Pulsatilla
– Silicea

The above homeopathic remedies for stress can be very effective and life altering, another option in addition to herbal remedies can be with Panic Away, a completely natural program that can teach you how to cope with anxiety and stress to the point that you no longer experience it. To learn more visit Panic Away.

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