Natural Treatments for Anxiety – A Simple and Inexpensive Natural Treatment for Anxiety

There are many natural treatments for anxiety that you can try, but today I just want to talk about one. Kava tea, a simple and inexpensive natural treatment for anxiety. What is Kava? Kava is an herb native to Polynesia that has been found to have anti-anxiety effects in humans. While there are some health warnings to its use including liver damage or even failure (when dealing with dietary supplements) the tea is something that most people will have no problem with.

The beauty of Kava tea is that it is inexpensive and while the medical community has found that the relief is minimal, they did see some positive results from patients who included it into their diet. The tea is delicious and relaxing and is a natural herbal remedy for anxiety; you can decrease your anxiety without using any expensive drugs and/or therapy.

Some things to look out for if you choose to drink Kava tea are some possible allergies to it. It is pretty rare, it is suggested that less than one half of one percent of people that consume Kava have an allergic reaction to it. You should also know that they have noted 2 types of reactions, mild and severe. Mild symptoms can present as itchy skin or the throat becoming itchy. Light hives may form. Severe allergies can be hives and swelling of fingers. The hives are usually prevalent in the stomach region and some have even formed a belt around a person. But don’t worry too much, these reactions go away within a few days if you simply stop consuming Kava.

Kava can help with both anxiety and insomnia, so if you suffer from either or both of these problems, try drinking a delicious cup of Kava tea at night and see if it helps relax you. In fact, Kava drinks are consumed in some parts of the world much like alcohol because it can cause sedation, and in high amounts, intoxication. As I said above, there are some warnings to be aware of before you drink kava tea, so be sure to read all of the possible side affects and drug interactions.

If you don’t want to try Kava because you aren’t sure you will have an allergic reaction, there are many other natural treatments for anxiety, I think the coolest one is Panic Away. No drugs, no possible side affects to worry about, and no more huge doctor bills. Panic Away is a simple and inexpensive program that helped me tackle my anxiety and while I do enjoy a nice cup of Kava tea from time to time, I know that the Panic Away is what cured me. Kava can help, but really tackling the issues at hand are what is necessary if you want to treat your anxiety.

The best Kava tea out there that I love is by Yogi, and you can get the Panic Away program here.

Here’s to your health!

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